Don’t be one of the 46% – read, think, check sources!

Trump says poll about fake news, published by ‘dishonest’ Politico, is real news…(He didn’t cite his source, perhaps because it was Politico, which he has consistently called unreliable.)

“Unreliable” is putting it mildly. The president’s exact language about Politico is “the dumbest and most slanted of the political sites” — a “phony,” “third-rate,” “dishonest” “scam” published by “losers,” “clowns,” “serious haters” and “some very untalented reporters.”

Trump’s position is clear: Don’t believe Politico.

Except this time! Believe Politico when it says that 46 percent of Americans think that major news outlets (like, say, Politico) make things up.