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Analysis | Trump just admitted the GOP’s tax cuts were deceptively sold

If you didn’t think these cuts were a giveaway before, maybe you’ll believe the President.

‘While talking about the corporate tax rate being cut from 35 percent to 21 percent, Trump said, “That’s probably the biggest factor in our plan.”
Trump’s second admission was about the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate being repealed in the bill.

But, he said, he told Republicans not to talk about that. Trump said he told allies to “be quiet with the fake news media because I don’t want them talking too much about it.”

“Now that it’s approved, I can say that,” he said.’ –

GOP tax bill passes Congress

“Under the Republican tax plan, families can’t fully deduct their state and local taxes, but corporations can. Doesn’t strike me as a good deal for the middle class.” – Sen. Kamala Harris on the tax bill

“It is a victory for billionaires like Donald Trump… but this is a disaster for the American people” – Sen. Bernie Sanders on the tax bill –