READ this thread by Seth Abramson, a quick outline of Trump and why you should know enough not to support him.

READ this thread by Seth Abramson, a quick outline of Trump and why you should know enough not to support him.

I have this terrible fear Mueller will wrap up his investigation and we’ll discover that all Trump did is:

* launder hundreds of millions of dollars
* accept hundreds of millions in bribes
* conspire to blackmail the FBI into reopening Clinton’s case
* aid and abet Russian crimes

The *worst* part: when the Right says “LOL”, we’ll have to resort to saying Trump:

* committed 25+ acts of felony Obstruction
* tampered with 10+ federal witnesses
* conspired to offer pardons for silence
* sold U.S. foreign policy for private gain
* lied 3,000+ times to voters

In disgrace, Trump critics will eventually fall back on saying he:

* knowingly hired Russian agents
* instructed aides to illegally negotiate US policy
* forced his son to issue a false statement about a felony
* spent the campaign negotiating secret business deals with Russia

In response to these lame allegations, the Right will have some killer responses, for instance that Trump:

* lied repeatedly about releasing his tax returns
* admitted to being a serial sexual assailant
* never recused himself from his businesses as he promised us pre-election and grossly profited from them

And think how easily he’ll be reelected, given his record of:

* nearly tweeting us into nuclear war, claiming he averted it/deserved a Nobel Prize, only to have North Korea punk him like a schmuck
* nearly crashing Earth’s economy daily with policies he brain-farted on Twitter

Democrats have no answer to the strong leadership Trump has shown by:

* picking judges from someone else’s list
* knowing less about every issue than anyone in the room
* changing his position on every issue
* betraying his constituencies with policies he hid while campaigning

No one can argue Trump surrounds himself, as *promised*, with the best people, including all these who’ve never lied to the FBI, media, or voters:

* Flynn * Sessions * Stone * Prince * Gordon * Spicer * Hicks * Manafort * Gates * Papadopoulos * Page * Conway * Sanders * Nunberg * Lewandowski * Kushner * Trump Jr. * Bannon * Eric Trump * Ivanka * Caputo * Clovis * Cohen * Giuliani * Manafort * Dowd * Toensing * Nix * Sater * Sekulow * diGenova * Schiller * Nunes * Hannity * Pirro * Pence * Schmitz * McFarlane * Gorka and more best people.

And in terms of US foreign policy, it’s well past time we identified our friends and enemies, as Trump has:

The Philippines
Saudi Arabia
North Korea

All of Europe
All of NATO
All of the United Nations except for our friends (see list above)

So you conservatives can only imagine the embarrassment and sense of being a silly snowflake we progressives feel daily at knowing that we know only 10% of what Robert Mueller does and yet having absolutely no basis to doubt this man’s actions, judgment, or policies.

Very sad

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