Report of the Commission of Inquiry on HR in the Democratic People s Republic of Korea

Here’s where you can read the United Nations report on human rights violations in North Korea, both a 36-page summary and 372-page full report.

President Trump, when asked what he learned about North Korean leader Kim Jong Un: “I learned he’s a very talented man. I also learned that he loves his country very much.”

“Inmates are imprisoned, usually for life, in camps without ever having been brought before a judge… They have never been charged, convicted or sentenced… [Many] are incarcerated based solely on the principle of guilt by family association. Some are even born prisoners.”

“Rape is regularly committed in the political prison camps of the DPRK. They are a product of the environment of the prison camps and the impunity generally enjoyed by camp officials… In other cases, women are pressed into ‘consensual’ sexual relations.”

“The imposition of forced abortions on female inmates who become pregnant without authorization not only results in immediate physically harm, it also interferes with the victim’s reproductive rights and causes severe emotional suffering.”

“Hundreds of thousands of inmates have been exterminated in political prison camps and other places over a span of more than five decades… This raises the question of whether genocide or an international crime akin to it has been committed.”