Why We’re Sharing 3 Million Russian Troll Tweets

‘We’re sharing 3 million Russian troll tweets.

To our knowledge, it’s the fullest empirical record to date of Russian trolls’ actions on social media, showing a relentless and systematic onslaught.

There was high activity on 10/06/16 that may have been related to WikiLeaks’ release of embarrassing Clinton camp emails. There was a spike when the Internet Research Agency appeared to focus on a type of troll that mimics stereotypical Trump supporters.

When Twitter suspended these malicious accounts, it also deleted their tweets from public view. But data archives can help rebuild this important piece of recent American history.

Right Trolls behave like MAGA Americans.”
Left Trolls are “clearly trying to divide the Democratic Party and lower voter turnout.”
News Feeds present as local news aggregators.
Hashtag Gamers use wordplay.
Fearmongers spread news about a fake crisis. ‘