Trump Will Fold if Mueller Calls His Bluff. Giuliani Is the Tell.

‘Even more conspicuously, Giuliani appears to insist that certain subject matter areas, including obstruction of justice, must be off-limits to Mueller’s interrogation. Giuliani has complained that any such questions would be a “perjury trap.” Here’s a little free legal advice to Giuliani and the president: the best way to avoid a perjury trap is to not commit perjury. Many apt comparisons have been made by others: Giuliani’s argument is like calling a bank a “bank robbery trap,” or a DUI checkpoint is a “DUI trap.” Indeed, it is unsettling to see the president of the United State take any position other than “Ask me whatever you want and I’ll answer because I want the truth to come out”—never mind a position of “I can’t possibly answer questions from you because that would cause me to commit perjury.”’