BREAKING! PROFFER. Prosecutor Andrew Weismann says there is a cooperation agreement with Manafort.

Ex-Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort agrees to plead guilty in deal with Robert Mueller

BREAKING: As part of plea, Manafort agrees to cooperate. That entails: sitting down with special counsel, not always with his lawyer, and answering all questions. He will have to provide requested documents. And he has agreed to testify in court if needed. He must be truthful.

BREAKING: Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort agrees to plead guilty in the Special Counsel Mueller probe – filings.

– Former Trump campaign boss Paul Manafort agrees to plead guilty in a deal to resolve charges filed by special counsel Robert Mueller, according to court documents.

– It’s not clear if he will cooperate with prosecutors against President Donald Trump.

– Jury selection for Manafort’s second federal criminal trial was scheduled for Monday in Washington.

– Revised charges allege Manafort engaged in a conspiracy involving money laundering, tax fraud, failing to report foreign bank accounts, violating rules requiring registration of foreign agents, lying and witness tampering.