Russia’s Pro-Gun Influence Accounts Copied The NRA — And Sometimes, Vice Versa

Here’s the kicker: The National Rifle Association, on at least 90 occasions, promoted Twitter content similar to that of the Internet Research Agency, in some cases after the IRA had gone first.

On 62 occasions, the Internet Research Agency shared same content as the National Rifle Association after an original NRA post.

There were also 28 occasions where the National Rifle Association posted similar content as the IRA, after the IRA went first.

The IRA accounts have mentioned the @NRA, @NRANEWS, or @NRAILA accounts a total of 199 times. Dana Loesch, an outspoken supporter of gun rights who would become a spokeswoman for the NRA in 2017, was tagged 77 times on her Twitter handle ‘@DLoesch.’