NEW: Rep. Ted Deutch became the 23rd lawmaker to call for an impeachment inquiry since Mueller testified — and with him, a majority of House Democrats now say they’d vote to take that step.

-Deutch is chair of the Ethics Committee; 12 out of 20 standing committee chairmen would vote for an impeachment inquiry

-17 out of 24 Dems on the Judiciary Committee publicly support an inquiry. (And Nadler has backed it privately)

-Majorities of other investigative committees also support an inquiry, including 9/13 on the Intelligence Committee.

-Backers think there are a lot more to come; a slew of progressive members are still on the sidelines. But 218 is still a long way away, especially w/o Pelosi.

Dems who support an inquiry tell me they’re watching two players:

-Rep. Ben Ray Lujan, a Dem leader who is running for Senate and helped elect a lot of the freshmen in 2018

-Rep. John Lewis, who has deferred to Pelosi on the issue.

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