DOJ IG report

“The bottom line from the DOJ IG report is that Comey did not follow DOJ guidelines but also did not disseminate classified material or commit another crime.

The IG faults Comey for not following DOJ policy. I’m not sure history will do so.

Comey faced an extraordinary situation. The President of the United States asked him for his “loyalty” and then asked him to drop a criminal investigation of his friend.

In the face of Presidential corruption, Comey took extraordinary steps.” – @renato_mariotti…/james-comey-ig-report/index.html

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IG report, page 59: “By not immediately reporting that he had provided Memo 2 to his attorneys when Comey first learned that the FBI had designated a small portion of Memo 2 as classified at the ‘CONFIDENTIAL’ level, Comey violated FBI policy.”

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