The Weekly List

Thought I should share this statement below as I’m certain it applies to me – also check out The List if you are wondering “what has Trump’s admin really done” or say things like “nothing has changed” …

“It’s important to remember for those of us who are fully up on the news, that most of our country does not follow that closely.

Trump is branding reality, quite successfully to make it look like Obama and/or Clinton masterminded having the FBI infiltrate his campaign, and invent this Witch Hunt to delegitimize and take him down.

We already now know the name of the informant-shame on Trump and GOP for that!-so today they are hedging their bets and saying there may be more. But to outside eyes not looking closely, Rosenstein opening an investigation means there is something to investigate.

Trump will build on his 3,000+ lies to discredit Mueller. It is important to cover the broader themes and truth, NOT the shiny coins Trump throws to perpetuate his narrative. Our country and democracy are in danger!” – Amy Siskind (Author of The List)