At Rockefeller Heir’s Dinner, Accused Russian Butina Hobnobbed With D.C. Elites

Butina emailed a few days later to the person believed to be O’Neill. Torshin, she wrote, confirmed “his desire in our Russian-American project.” A member of president Putin’s administration had expressed approval for “building this communication channel,” she added, according to prosecutors. They added: “Butina additionally assured U.S. Person 2 that he should not worry as ‘all that we needed is <<yes>> from Putin’s side. The rest is easier.’ ”

The efforts to set up private channels may have paid off, prosecutors suggested in their filings.

Before the meeting, Butina wrote to the two Americans that the list of Russian visitors to the prayer breakfast was well curated. In addition to Torshin, she wrote, “the list is populated by important political advisors to Russian President Putin.”

A few days after the 2017 breakfast, Butina emailed an unidentified organizer of the event, according to U.S. filings, relaying thanks for the “precious time” that week “and for the very private meeting that followed.”

Butina added: “Once you have a chance to rest after last week’s events, I have important information for you to further this new relationship.”