ICE Carries Out Its Largest Immigration Raid In Recent History, Arresting 146

I thought Trump was saving us from gangs… not… checks notes… ‘Fresh Mark Employees’.

‘Dozens of federal agents descended on a major meat supplier in northeast Ohio on Tuesday, arresting 146 Fresh Mark employees in what the agency calls its largest workplace raid in recent history — and its second massive raid in the state this month.

The operation, as large as it was, marks just the latest in a series of high-profile raids carried out by federal authorities. About 100 people were arrested at a meat packing plant in Tennessee in April — while just two weeks ago in Ohio, ICE officials rounded up 114 people in a massive immigration raid at a landscaping company’s locations two hours northwest of Salem.

As NPR’s Vanessa Romo explained at the time, the operation earlier this month drew some condemnations: “ICE officials had come under fire by immigrant advocacy groups who claimed dozens of children had been left stranded at schools, day cares and with babysitters as their parents were carted off to detention centers elsewhere in the state and in Michigan.” ‘