Attorney General Underwood And Governor Cuomo Announce Suit Against Purdue Pharma For Widespread…

BREAKING: NY AG are filing suit against Purdue Pharma for persistent and widespread fraud and deception in marketing opioids. Purdue lined its own pockets by deliberately exploiting our communities, fueling a crisis that has devastated NY families. We are holding them to account.

‘Lawsuit Alleges Scheme by Purdue to Misrepresent Its Opioid Products – Including OxyContin – as Less Subject to Abuse and Addiction Than Other Opioid Products

Lawsuit Stems from Attorney General Underwood’s Ongoing Multistate Investigation into Opioid Crisis

Lawsuit Seeks Disgorgement of Profits Resulting from Violations of New York Law; Civil Penalties and Restitution; and Costs to Abate Harms Inflicted by Purdue’