State capture implodes as KPMG and McKinsey set for FBI investigation

Hmmm… a lot of nations that have been tied up with Russian organized crime in the news lately… ‘The FBI are reportedly using the leaked Gupta emails, which first surfaced in June, as evidence against the companies. The explosive documents revealed the harrowing extent of how deep state capture runs.

KPMG find themselves in a cauldron of hot water, following their flimsy auditing of Eskom. The energy giant are the household name in fronting state capture, and illegal Gupta payments. The auditors failed to notice – through either incompetence or complicity – that the state-owned business was fiddling its figures so suit the Gupta’s chequebooks.

McKinsey, an American consultancy firm, struck a deal with the Indian billionaires’ Trillian company. They immediately oversaw Eskom award a R266m tender to the Gupta business. This figure is extremely out of whack from what they should have been paid. ‘