The Gerasimov Doctrine

*Look passed your initial skepticism that I am crazy, read this, follow these folks on Twitter, dig into what is going on. Manafort’s trial is about the Mob. Cohen is going down because of the Mob. Trump is in the Mob. Read about the Magnitsky Act in the comments.*

You, Me, & “The media should be focused on Trump’s mob connections. Specifically, his Russian mob ties. The Russian mob is the Russian ‘government.’ It’s a mafia state. RIS, RU mob, and RU leadership fused together after the fall of communism. They know they can’t go toe-toe militarily with the West so they’ve engaged us with an asymmetric hybrid war as delineated in the Gerasimov Doctrine. I encourage everyone to read and follow @MollyMcKew @20committee @ericgarland @RadioFreeTom @john_sipher and many others on twitter. 

In order to fully understand what’s been happening to us over the last few decades which culminated in Trump. No troops are invading but our airwaves, culture, and polity have been poisoned by these Russian Active Measures with significant help from China and other Non-State Actors and Traitors. The Russians weaponized their Oligarchs to spread this poison throughout the West. We need to speak of the major players involved like Semion Mogilevich, Oleg Deripaska, Roman Abramovich, Yuri Milner, German Gref, and numerous others. Putin answers to Mogilevich.

The Media needs to stop with the reality TV format and report the news. We are in dire need of more good investigative journalism. This attack also wants to kill our rationale thinking, to act emotionally without critical thought. It also wants to curate cynicism and kill hope. So many twitter journalists have drawn attention to this time and time again only to be rebuffed. @JamesFourM @ninaandtito @SpicyFiles @LouiseMensch @funder @DrDenaGrayson @grantstern and many many others are heroes.

We need to wake up and pay attention.” – Andrew C Laufer, Esq – @lauferlaw