Putin Had a Win-Win Strategy for Life Post-2016; Trump, Not So Much

Welcome to an alternate world in which Hillary Clinton won the presidency.

‘The GOP-led Senate Judiciary Committee launched its 11th investigation into President Hillary Clinton’s ties to the Uranium One scandal, while the Republican leader of the House Intelligence Committee grilled FBI director James Comey over that agency’s counterintelligence probe into Russia’s actions in the 2016 presidential election, suggesting it was corrupted by politics. Meanwhile, republicans on the House Judiciary Committee have begun drawing up articles of impeachment against President Clinton. Former presidential candidate Donald Trump weighed in from his newly launched TRUMP TV platform, still insisting the election was rigged and that the FBI and Clinton must be held accountable. Meanwhile, an alt-right march turned deadly after Clinton supporters—encouraged and organized by a fake Facebook group created by Russia—arrived at the same location to protest the march.’