Ukraine still hopes for deploying a UN-mandated peacekeeping force in Donbas

The Ukrainian President has spoken truth to power at the UN – following Trump’s embarrassing display, he goes hard against Russia and her policies.

‘Let us not forget what this war is about.

Ukraine made a sovereign decision to live its way and promote the Free World based on democratic values and rules.

Russia punishes Ukraine for this decision.

It kills. It ruins homes. It lies on industrial scale.

It pretends that Ukraine, as well as Georgia “attacked themselves”.

Do we know which neighbor of Russia will “attack itself” next?

Or will the world be “comfortably numb” in a hope that “the next one won’t be me”?

As we defend Ukraine’s land and our free choice, as we counter the resurging neo-imperialist power willing to divide the world anew – we defend the Free World.

The UN shall not be silent, when the values and principles rooted in its Charter and the entire body of international law are being violated by a veto country.

This is not just a challenge, but our chance to make the United Nations relevant and to make the motto of this Assembly session work.’