Attorney General Underwood And Governor Cuomo Announce Suit Against Purdue Pharma For Widespread…

BREAKING: NY AG are filing suit against Purdue Pharma for persistent and widespread fraud and deception in marketing opioids. Purdue lined its own pockets by deliberately exploiting our communities, fueling a crisis that has devastated NY families. We are holding them to account.

‘Lawsuit Alleges Scheme by Purdue to Misrepresent Its Opioid Products ā€“ Including OxyContin ā€“ as Less Subject to Abuse and Addiction Than Other Opioid Products

Lawsuit Stems from Attorney General Underwoodā€™s Ongoing Multistate Investigation into Opioid Crisis

Lawsuit Seeks Disgorgement of Profits Resulting from Violations of New York Law; Civil Penalties and Restitution; and Costs to Abate Harms Inflicted by Purdue’